Hips Shoot Up During Deadlift

There are a few different technique errors that can lead to the hips shooting up at the moment the bar is breaking contact from the floor. The fix is typically not as complex as it can sometimes be made out to be, nor does it ever usually involve isolated ‘strengthening exercises’ to fix the issue. E.g, sometimes you hear ‘strengthen the quads’ or something along those lines because something is weak or not ‘activating’ whilst some other muscles are strong or ‘overactive’ or something like that.

Joanne is an example; the videos are 1 week apart. On the left she is starting with her hips a tad too low. You can see just before she’s going to lift the barbell, she drops her hips down a couple of centimetres, but then they shoot back up to the position prior to when she drops her hips, then the bar breaks off the floor and she stands up.

The cue we used was – don’t drop your hips before you lift and start them at the height that your hips are shooting up to. To me, this cancels out the hip shoot up as she is starting her hips at the height they are shooting up to (inserts black man thinking meme photo here).

She has got the idea of the technique in her mind, she can sense when her hips shot up, and she knows what to do to fix it, whenever the error happens. Now, it’ll just be practice of performing the new starting position > she’ll develop strength which is specific to the new starting position > her initial lift off will improve as the weeks go on.

If you’re struggling to fix your technique on a lift or have an error which you don’t know how to solve, get in contact with me and I’ll likely have a solution for you.