2-Year Squat Progression Timeline

This post might help with people who are learning to squat and/or wanting to improve their technique.

This my sister (Borat voice) – I’ve been programming for her since December 2018. There was a lot of things going on with her squat and this technique difference took approx. 1.5 years to get to. We don’t train together in person so we did 98% of this online.
I have put videos from old to new and will go through some different things we worked on. You can match the date on the video with the date on the text of this post. I didn’t pick on all the errors of each video, just some main points.

Dec 2018 – This is how she was squatting initially, there was a lot of things going on such as –
Balance is all over the place, going in heels then toes then back to heels

Upper back / barbell grip is not tight + the bar looked a little too low on her back

Her bracing looks weak around the mid-section

Her put raises and chest falls forward a lot

She squatting too fast

She’s going into her knees a lot at the bottom

The weight is too heavy

Feb 2019 – Improving a bit

Upper back tightness is improving but hands are too far over barbell

Balance is improving but still sitting hips too far back at start of squat then she goes into her knees at the bottom

Chest is still falling forward but mid-section bracing is improving

Squat speed is more controlled and not so dumpy

July 2019 – Getting better

Upper back and mid-section tightness still improving

Looks much more controlled and balanced, not sitting back at the hips as much but still losing balance forward a little bit when coming back up

Not fully locking out at the top with hips under the barbell

Chest still falling forward a little bit, but getting better

November 2019 – About 1-2 weeks out from first power-lifting comp

By this time technique had improved a lot, and most of the work was about trying to hold technique under heavy loads. Sometimes people can have good technical knowledge to perform a good squat, but just aren’t strong / conditioned enough to hold technique under heavy loads.

Bracing improved a lot and chest isn’t falling forward so much

Squat is starting to look more straight up and down without losing a lot of balance

Sitting hips back a little too much at the start, would prefer to just sit straight down

Goes into knees at bottom a little bit on some reps, but it’s not horrible.

March 2020 – Getting stronger – She can control the bar better rather than the bar controlling her

By this point she knew everything what to do, there were no new cues, now it’s just practice

Still initiating the movement by breaking at the hips first

Getting much better at keeping knees back

Lock out is way better, hips under the bar now

Dec 2020 – Another comp – Hold nice technique under heavy loads + in a comp situation + get jacked.

Jan 2021 – Very good.