Attempt Selection For Powerlifting – Part 2

My current process and guide for organising attempts, prior to competition day.

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Attempt Selection For Powerlifting – Part 1

I made a video about attempt selection for powerlifting. Originally, it was meant to be a short 30 minute thing, but ended up going for…

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How To Self Unrack On Bench Press?

This video explains how I perform a self unrack on the bench press, when there is no one around to help. I am able to use this technique even when I’m lifting my 1RM

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2-Year Squat Progression Timeline

This post might help with people who are learning to squat and/or wanting to improve their technique. This my sister (Borat voice) – I’ve…

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Powerlifting Trainer

Controlling your knees during the squat

This is going to be specific to a low bar squat There are typically 2 sides of the debate regarding the knees during squats 1 – Knees…

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