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Get stronger and improve your physique with our tailored online personal training. Our online personal training is designed to support and keep you accountable on your fitness journey. It is suited for individuals with gym training experience but can be easily adapted for beginners.

What Is Online Personal Training?

Our online personal training includes a free initial consultation to understand your fitness goals, challenges and any limitations that you may have. We will discuss your current workout routine, exercise history, diet, and lifestyle to develop a plan that includes nutrition advice and a continuously updated training program tailored to your goals. Online personal training also involves correcting exercise technique via video feedback.

How Does Online Personal Training Work?

At SPC Performance Lab, we understand that no two people are the same and programs and strategies need to be designed to fit the individual. We create programs from scratch based on the information gained from the initial consult. A weekly check-in system is utilised whereby the client sends their training program, food logs and exercise videos. Your coach will review your training and nutrition logs, make program adjustments as needed, and provide exercise technique feedback and cues. Coaches feedback will be given via a weekly recorded video. You are also free to contact and send questions to your coach throughout the week.


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Online Personal Training Programs

  One-on-One Personal Training Online Personal Training
Tailored Personal Training Program
Nutrition Recommendations
Nutrition Tracking Sheet
Weekly PT Check-In
Exercise Video Analysis
Unlimited Q&As 
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  $85 week (no contract) $75 week (no contract)

Online Personal Training Cost

The cost of our online personal training program is from $75 to $85 per week. The tier 1 program is $85 per week and includes a gym membership to access our Southern Sydney gym. The tier 2 program is $75 per week and does not include gym access. Both programs are contract-free with no lock-in or minimum period, which means that you can cancel at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does online personal training work?

    Our personal trainer will discuss your goals, exercise and nutrition history, and current fitness level during the initial online personal training consultation. After the consultation, we will then provide an exercise and nutrition program tailored to your goals. It also includes weekly check-ins with program and nutrition updates and exercise technique feedback.

  • Is online personal training worth it?

    The cost of a weekly 1-on-1 PT session is $105 per week, not including a gym membership. Our personal training session includes a tailored training program and nutrition tracking sheet that is updated every week. Unlike other programs, our program is tailored based on your health goals and gym experience. You will also receive unlimited Q&As throughout the week, where you can ask your personal trainer questions.