Online Powerlifting Coaching

Powerlifting weekly programming and guidance is perfect for those that live far away as it doesn’t require any face-to-face contact. Our online powerlifting coaching is most suitable for individuals with some barbell lifting experience. However, we can always provide feedback and support for a beginner that is just starting powerlifting.

What is online powerlifting coaching?

Our online powerlifting coaching service is suitable for those looking for virtual coaching for powerlifting or strength training. Our online powerlifting is ideal for beginners and lifters who are currently competing, looking to compete in their first meet, or have no intentions to compete but would like to do powerlifting type training. Online powerlifting coaching consists of training and nutrition programming tailored to the individual’s goals and training experience and also includes weekly check-ins to review your progress and make any changes to the training program and nutrition plan. Exercise technique reviews and feedback are also given during the weekly check-ins. At SPC Performance Lab, our existing client base consists of novice lifters to competition powerlifters.

Benefits of online coaching

Benefits Of Online Coaching

The benefits of having an online training and nutrition program tailored to you is that it can help fast track your progress and take away the guesswork from self-programming or being confused from conflicting information found online. Our online coaching and programming can be adjusted based on your previous training history, available equipment at your gym or home, your schedule, and any pre-existing injuries. An online training program allows you to focus your time and effort on training, while a coach provides all the necessary guidance and direction to ensure that you see progress in your performance. In addition, having an online coach can help keep you motivated in your lifting journey via weekly check-ins by providing support and making the necessary adjustments to help progress towards your lifting goals.

What type of online coaching do we provide?

We offer online powerlifting and strength coaching for individuals at all levels from beginners to athletes. Our tailored lifting program and macro-tracking are also suitable for all types of sport-based strength training.



Our head coach can help motivate you and keep you accountable via regular check-ins

24/7 Support

24/7 Support

We provide unlimited support via Q&A throughout the week



Our head coach is university qualified and has over 7 years coaching experience



We provide evidenced based individualised and tailored training programs

Online powerlifting packages

We host an initial consultation call to understand your current training history and experience, goals, time availability, and if you have any injuries or limitations, etc. Based on our consultation, we will develop a tailored and individualised training program that is reviewed and updated weekly. Online coaching involves reviewing and making corrections to your lifting technique, training program and nutrition as needed, and will discuss your progress with you weekly. At the end of each week, the coach will send a detailed video addressing any questions and provide an in-depth critique of your exercise technique. In addition, the coach will always be available during the week via email or text if you have any questions regarding your program or nutrition.

Tier 1 Tier 2
Personalised Lifting Program
Macro Tracking Sheet
Nutritional Advice
Weekly Check-In & Feedback (exercise, stress, sleep quality, injuries etc.)
Video Analysis of lifts (squat, bench press, deadlift etc.)
Unlimited Q&As via message or email
Powerlifting Competition Prep (optional)
Gym Access X
$85 per week (no contract) $75 per week (no contract)


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How much does online powerlifting coaching cost?

The cost of our online powerlifting coaching ranges from $75 to $85 per week. The 1st tier is $85 per week and includes a gym membership to access our gym. The 2nd tier is $75 per week and doesn’t include a gym membership. Both of our tiers are no contract and don’t have a minimum training period, meaning you have the option to cancel at any time.

Who will I be coached by?

You will be directly coached by the head coach and owner, Paul Attard. Paul has over 7 years of powerlifting and strength coaching experience. He has helped first-time gym-goers learn the basics of lifting, and has coached experienced powerlifters. He has completed his Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science with First Class honours and has won multiple competitions ranging from bodybuilding to powerlifting. Click here to learn more about our powerlifting trainer.

Powerlifting Trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a powerlifting coach worth it?

    A powerlifting coach is suitable for beginners looking to learn the basics of powerlifting training and how to perform the squat, bench press and dead-lift properly. Coaching is also ideal for experienced individuals looking to improve their performance and to increase their powerlifting total. Coaching is not only for powerlifting athletes, but also for those just wanting to get stronger and improve their physique without competing. Coaching can help ‘fast track’ your progress by having an experienced coach guide your training, nutrition, and lifting technique and make any necessary adjustments to see progress based on your response to the program. A powerlifting coach is not essential, and individuals can progress without coaching. However, coaching can make the process a little quicker and less stressful.

  • How do I find a good powerlifting coach?

    There are multiple questions that you should ask when looking for a powerlifting coach. These are some questions that you may ask before hiring a powerlifting coach:

    • What is their coaching philosophy, values and lifting experience?
    • Do they have a formal education related to coaching or sport science?
    • Will they provide guidance on meet day if you decide to compete?
    • Does the lifting technique of their clients look good?
    • Do they provide helpful content online?
    • Do the inclusions of their coaching meet your requirements? For example, are you looking for something cheaper with monthly check-ins, or are you willing to spend a little extra to receive weekly check-ins?
    • How much support do you need? Do you only require programming adjustments, or do you need someone to look at your technique on a regular basis?
    • Does the coach offer help on competition days?
    • Is coaching a lock-in type contract or is it an easy exit?
  • How do I sign-up to online coaching?

    Signing up for our online coaching is simple. You can begin by booking a free consultation call with our head coach, who will discuss your goals, current nutrition, previous exercise experience, and other questions required in getting to know you better. This is a perfect time where you can speak to our head coach to see if he fits your needs. If our head coach is a good fit for you and you will like to get started, a debit request will be e-mailed to you, and your program will be created within a few days.

  • Is there a minimum time commitment?

    Our online powerlifting coaching has no minimum time commitment or contract. You can cancel at any time.

  • Do I need to be a member of the gym?

    No, our online powerlifting coaching is available to anyone from or outside of our gym. However, if you choose our 1st tier online coaching, you will receive a discounted gym membership as part of your weekly online coaching package.

  • I have injuries, can I still do powerlifting?

    Absolutely, if you notify us of any existing injuries, we can adapt your training program accordingly to ensure that you can still train towards your goals whilst minimising further aggravation of injuries. Furthermore, if it is within the coach’s scope of practice and experience, your coach may be able to help assist with injury recovery/rehab.

  • How often are online coaching check-ins?

    Online check-ins are done once a week. During the check-in, you are expected to send an updated training program, nutrition logs, weekly questions and videos of your exercise. A reply will be sent back by video with information and updates in regards to your update.

  • Can I switch from face-to-face coaching to online coaching?

    Yes, there often comes a point when the client has adequate knowledge and experience to perform the correct technique without face-to-face support. If a client still wants guidance with programming, nutrition and techniques, online coaching may be more suitable.

  • Can I book occasional face-to-face sessions if I’m doing online coaching?

    Yes, face to face sessions can be offered at a discounted cost if you are already paying for online powerlifting coaching.

  • Does coaching include prepping for powerlifting competitions?

    Yes, for those that are looking to compete, meets preps (e.g. warmups and attempts) are included in the coaching package at no extra charge. Depending on your competition location and schedule, your coach may be able to attend and assist you.

  • Is coaching only for powerlifters?

    No, coaching is suitable for a range of fitness goals including muscle building, body fat reduction and strength improvement. You don’t need to be a powerlifter to be coached. Our head coach is a qualified exercise scientist with over 8 years of experience in coaching individuals with different fitness goals.

  • Does coaching come with a training program and nutrition recommendations?

    Excluding our one-off technique session, all of our coaching options come with an individualised training program and nutrition recommendation that is updated weekly.

  • Do I need training experience to do online coaching?

    Our online coaching is the most suitable for those that already have a basic understanding of free weight exercises (e.g. squats, bench press, deadlift and overhead press). If you have little training experience, we recommend that you come and do some face-to-face sessions to learn the basics. If you cannot do face-to-face sessions, contact us to discuss how we can adapt your program to suit your level and ability.