Semi-Private Personal Training

Our small group personal training is suitable for individuals with no strength training experience, up to experienced gym-goers and powerlifters  who would like guidance and want to further progress on the gains they have already made. As part of our semi-private personal training, we provide:

  • Group personal training up to 4 individuals per session
  • Each person will receive a personalised training program and nutrition recommendations which are reviewed and updated regularly
  • Individual instructions and technique cues with a heavy focus on learning technique on free weight exercises such as the squat, bench press and dead-lift
  • Weekly face-to-face coaching sessions
  • No contracts or cool-down period

Every individual in the small group must undertake a consultation before training to ensure that each person receives a tailored training program that is unique to their needs and requirements. This is not your normal group training where everyone performs the exact same program. Each person will get their own program to follow which will be updated regularly depending on their personal progress. The training program is designed to be followed over the entire week for when you train on your own and not just for the group training session.

What is semi-private personal training?

Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi private personal training is tailored to your previous lifting history, weekly schedule, fitness goals and current physical ability. It is designed for both beginner and experienced gym goers. Whether you’re looking to get stronger and improve your physique or compete in power-lifting, semi private personal training is tailored for each individual. It does not involve a one size fits all program. The only difference between semi-private and 1-on-1 personal training is that you will train with up to 3 other individuals, including yourself (4 people maximum per class).

Semi-private coaching still includes all the same benefits and inclusions as one-on-one training, but at a cheaper cost. During a semi-private training session, each person will be following their own individualised program whilst the head coach watches over your technique and provides corrections. Depending on your response to your program and nutrition, the head coach will continuously monitor and update your plan as required.

Benefits of semi-private personal training

Semi-private personal training provides the same benefits as 1-on-1 coaching. Our training programs are adjusted based on every individual’s previous training history and fitness goals.

  • Receive guidance and feedback from your coach
  • Socialise and have fun with your friends or like-minded people
  • More accountability to exercise
  • Motivate each other while improving your own results
  • Receive individualised training but at a cheaper cost than one on one personal training
  • Optimise your technique on free weight exercises such as the squat, bench press, deadlift and overhead shoulder press


Working out with friends can help keep you motivated

24/7 Support

We provide unlimited support during the sessions and throughout the week


Our head coach has over 7 years group coaching experience


We provide individualised and tailored training programs for each person in the group

Semi-Private Personal Training Prices

Our head coach will host an initial individual consultation with every person in the group to understand your current strengths, goals, nutrition, weekly schedule, injuries, etc. Based on the discussion during the consultation, the coach will develop a tailored training program for every person. The training program will be designed so it can be followed outside the gym when you’re training on your own and not just for the group training session. Our coach will assess and correct your lifting technique during the face-to-face group sessions and adjust your individualised training program and nutrition as required. Our head coach can also be contacted throughout the week or found in the gym if you have any questions regarding the training program.

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Group Face-to-Face Coaching

Personalised Lifting Program

Macro Tracking Sheet

Nutritional Advice & Personalised Recommendations

Unlimited Q&As (message or email)

Gym Access


$80 per week

$70 per week


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Who will I be coached by?

During the face-to-face session, you will be coached by our head coach and owner, Paul Attard. Paul has over 7 years of experience in coaching small powerlifting and strength groups. He is a qualified coach with a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science degree with first class honours, has won multiple bodybuilding shows and competes in powerlifting. Click here to learn more about our powerlifting coach.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can be in a group?

    As semi-private training is still a form of personal training, we want to ensure that you have the most tailored and individualised experience as possible. We limit our group to a maximum of 4 people (minimum 2 people). This will ensure that you are still receiving the benefits of personal training, whilst enjoying training with friends.

  • How do I sign-up to semi-private training?

    Signing up for our semi-private personal training is easy. You or your group can begin by booking a free consultation with our head coach to discuss your goals, nutrition, previous lifting experience, injuries, and other important information which may be required to build your personalised programs. If you decide you would like to sign up after the consultation, our head coach will provide a sign-up form to get started.

  • Will everyone perform the same program?

    No, we believe that personal training should be individualised to the person. Everyone is unique and requires their own training program, nutrition protocol and exercise cues. Furthermore, some people need more or less training and have different training capacities and fitness levels. Each person will receive a personalised training program to follow both during and outside the group training sessions, which the head coach will modify depending on your progress.

  • Is there a minimum time commitment?

    Our semi-private personal training has no minimum time commitment or contract. You can cancel at any time.

  • Do I need to be a member of the gym?

    No, our semi-private personal training is available to both members and non-members of our gym. However, if you choose our 1st tier semi-private personal training package, you will receive a discounted gym membership so you have 24-7 access to the gym outside of the group training sessions.

  • Can I switch from face-to-face sessions to semi-private coaching?

    Yes, many people find out eventually that doesn’t require 1-hour face-to-face support but would still like someone there to review their technique and make program adjustments. People tend to move to semi-private coaching as it allows them to receive high-level individualised coaching support at a reduced cost.

  • Do I need to be strong or lose weight before being coached?

    No, not at all. Our coaching and training program are adapted based on your current fitness level and ability. Our job is to help you progress regardless of your fitness level. Around 50% of our clientele had little to no training experience before joining.

  • Is semi-private coaching suitable for me if I have no training experience?

    For those with no to little training experience, we recommend doing some one-on-one coaching sessions to learn the correct exercise technique before moving on to semi-private. However, if you want to join a friend with no training experience, you can be paired up and receive a cheaper rate.

  • Can I do semi-private training if I’m powerlifting?

    Yes, our semi-private coaching is individualised to each person. Everyone will have their program and exercise cues to follow.

  • Will I be matched with people of the same ability as me?

    We will try to match people based on their training ability. However, as programs are individualised, there will no impact being in the same group with individualised with more or less training experience than you.

  • I have pre-existing injuries. Is it safe for me to strength train and will my program be modified?

    Increasing strength and improving your exercise technique can help reduce some of the pain. In some cases, under developing or avoiding certain exercises may worsen the pain. Our training program can be modified and adapted based on your injuries.